FAQ Section

Question 1:  In Scan mode, the yellow frame doesn’t fit the paper or is askew – how do I get a new yellow frame?

In case the yellow frame was not correctly captured, quickly tilt the device to get rid of the incorrect frame and to get a new one. This way, the incorrect frame will be "thrown away".


Question 2:  In Scan mode, the yellow frame won’t appear – what should I do?

There’s a video demonstrating the scan mode in the features section.
For best use of the scan mode, you should pay attention to three things:

  1. Prefer darker surfaces to place your document on (to secure a good contrast around the border of the page)
    • scanning a white document on a very light desk won’t give good results
    • usage with a wooden desk (for example) will be fine
    • avoid having several papers overlap each other
  2. Use in bright environments
    • avoid usage late in the evening with bad lighting
    • use with daylight to get best results
  3. Try to hold your device so that the document is well centered and sized
    • try to hold your device parallel to the document
    • try to align your device so that the document appears centered on the screen
    • the document should be completely visible on the screen and, at the same time, should not appear too small